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Dr Sharon Brown

Hi there! Thank you for visiting with me. I share my love for others in all that I do. I am compassionate and empathetic to those I serve. I see it as an honor when you allow me to  provide counseling and therapy to you and your family. In my 20 years as a counselor, I have delighted in seeing my clients complete their goals as we work together. I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your goals. I earned my doctorate degree in Psychology and maintain licenses as a professional counselor.





March 22-25, 2024

Location: Riverside Retreat Center
7305 County Road 78
LaBelle, Florida 33935

Counseling (Florida & Georgia residents)

Behavioral and mental health counseling for the whole family.

Life Coach

Gain life skills to tackle daily hassles from a spiritual worldview.

Therapeutic Retreats

A place to relax, renew, and maximize your self-love.
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Online Workshops

A convenient, self-paced, and feasible way to improve your life.


"I was reluctant at first, but once I actually started doing the work along with EMDR, I began to notice a difference in my anxiety and lack of self-love. I can honestly say that I believe if I wouldn’t have done this work, I would still have a lack of self-love, and continue to be a wounded little girl, unable to feel love…which would make it very hard to have trust in the man I am now married to. Even after having completed the work a few years ago, I have developed tools and techniques to stay in touch with my inner child."


“Before I began therapy with Sharon, I was completely lost on my journey toward healing my trauma and managing my mental illness. After only six months of working with her, I’ve improved beyond what I thought was ever possible. With her professional yet caring and supportive approach, she has built a safe place for me to reach my goals, and I look forward to continuing my path toward healing as we continue to work together.”


“Meditation and connection through the workbook has brought tears but has also left me grounded. It’s life-changing to realize the power we have to comfort our inner-children. For the first time we can be exactly what our little selves need. The book is also validating to know you aren’t alone with your wounded inner-self.”



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